Table Grape "Royal Esther"

Royal Esther has practically perfect grapes. It ripens early and is an all-around uncomplicated table grape.  Also known simply as "Esther"

Table grape "Esther," 10-cent piece for size reference
Table grape "Esther," Euro 10-cent coin for scale


"Esther" is not available at the moment.


"Esther" is a fungus-tolerant Hungarian variety bred from "Eger 2" x "Magaracsi Esemege." Its comparatively early maturation allows it to thrive also in less ideal locations (high altitudes, open land with little shade, etc..). A sheltered / wind-protected position is beneficial, as it is slightly susceptible to trickling (early berry drop). It has bright red autumn foliage! This grape has an excellent mild, sweet taste; With very few pips, it is usually considered seedless. The pleasant taste and early maturation, however, are particularly appreciated by wasps. Growth is of medium vigour; very frost-hardy.

Grape Clusters

From the 2nd or 3rd year: 10-20 cm long

Berries (Grapes)

Dark blue, 1.5 - 2.0 cm, mild and very balanced flavour, crisp, remarkably few pips (0-1 pip, rarely 2 per berry); the smaller berries within the grape are usually free of pips.


Very early, usually starting at the end of August.


"Esther" is a registered variety; propagation is prohibited.