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Table Grape "Royal Esther"

Royal Esther has almost ideal berries and matures very early... an all-around uncomplicated table grape.

(Also known simply as "Esther")

Table grape "Esther," 10-cent piece for size reference
Table grape "Esther," 10-cent piece for size reference


"Esther" is not available at the moment.


"Esther" is a fungus-tolerant Hungarian variety bred from "Eger 2" x "Magaracsi Esemege." The comparatively early maturation makes it also suitable for less ideal positions (North Germany, high altitudes, open land with little shade, etc..). A rather sheltered position is beneficial, as it is slightly susceptible to early berry drop. Has blazing red autumn foliage! This grape has an excellent mild, sweet taste and very few pips, and is regarded as almost seedless. The pleasant taste and early maturation, however, are particularly appreciated by wasps... Growth is of medium vigour; very frost-hardy.

Grape Clusters

As of the 2nd or 3rd year: 10-20 cm long

Berries (Grapes)

Dark blue, 1.5 - 2.0 cm, mild and very balanced flavour, crunchy, remarkably few pips (0-1 pip, rarely 2 per berry); the smaller berries within the grape are usually free of pips.

Ripeness for consumption

Very early, usually starting at the end of August.


"Esther" is a registered variety; propagation is prohibited.

Table grape "Royal Esther" - 10-cent coin for size reference