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Eyelet screw / Ring screw 8/80 mm, WH 08080

Augenschraube Edelstahl / Niro WH 08080

Product sheet

Description / Price

High-quality eyebolt made of high-grade steel with a pressed "eye", shaft 8 mm, wood thread 8 mm.  >>> Price



As an alternative wall mounting fixture for easy kits "Basic", especially with representative trellises instead of WH 07080. As a final and intermediate holder for wire cable and wire. For cable diameter up to 3 mm, in exceptional cases up to 4 mm. The distance from the eye bolt to eye bolt should not exceed 1.5 m as possible. For many wall types appropriate. Please check the suitability over the link. For wall clearances from approx. 1.5 to 2 cm, in massive wood to approx. 2.5 cm. Please also use  the information for the selection of suitable eye screws.



Use in masonry together with dowels DH 10065, with hollow bricks or aerated concrete use dowel DH 12075 (same link above). The eye bolt is installed in the pre-drilled hole (wood - about 5-6 mm bore diameter) or in the chosen anchors and screwed and positioned by means of a mandrel or screwdriver - transversely inserted through the eye. The center of the eye shall be mounted with anchors not more than about 2 to 2.5 cm away from the wall stand out (wall distance), otherwise an optimal capacity of the element is not present. When mounting in solid wood, however 3 cm wall distance are possible. When mounting in solid wood and axial load (System 0010) pilot hole with a diameter of 3-4 mm (softwood) or 5 mm (hardwood), depth 8 cm. In addition, widen the hole to about 25 mm depth to diameter 6-7 mm ( 'stepped bore'), then screw the eye bolt 80 mm deep.



Production after drawing from the Far East

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