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Eye screw / Ring screw 8/80 mm, WH 08080

Augenschraube Edelstahl / Niro WH 08080

Product sheet

Description / Price

High-quality eyebolt (eye screw) made of stainless steel with a pressed "eye," shaft 8 mm, wood thread H7. Length 110mm, shaft length 85 mm.  >>> Price



As an alternative wall mounting fixture for Easy Kit's "Basic," especially for representative trellises/climbing aids, instead of WH 07080. As an end and intermediate holder for cable and wire. For rope diameters up to 3 mm, in exceptional cases up to 4 mm. The distance from eye screw to eye screw should preferably not exceed 1.5 m. Appropriate for many wall types. Please check suitability using the link. For wall clearances of approx. 1.5 to 2 cm, in massive/solid wood up to approx. 2.5 cm. Please also refer to the information provided for the selection of suitable eyebolts/eye screws.


Recommended tool

For exactly fitting dowel (rawl plug) holes (10 mm): hammer drill HB 44444. Alternatively: concrete drill, inexpensive masonry drill, or universal drill; selection also depends on wall type.



If necessary, please refer to the instructions on drilling work! Use in masonry together with dowels DH 10065; for hollow bricks or aerated concrete, use dowel DH 12075 (same link above). The eye bolt is inserted into the pre-drilled (pilot drilled) hole (wood: about 5-6 mm bore diameter) or into the chosen anchors/rawl plugs and screwed in/ positioned using a mandrel or screwdriver inserted transversely through the eye. The center of the eye should not protrude more than approx. 2 - 2.5 cm from the wall when mounted with rawl plugs (wall distance); otherwise, an optimum load-bearing capacity of the element is not given. When mounting in solid wood, however, a wall distance of 3 cm is possible. When mounting in solid wood and loading in an axial direction (System 0010), pilot hole a diameter of 3-4 mm (softwood) or 5 mm (hardwood), depth 8 cm. Widen the hole to about 25 mm depth to diameter 6-7 mm ( 'step drilling'); then screw in the eyebolt 80 mm deep.



Production based on designs from the Far East

Augenschraube an einer Wand