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Staples 2.5 / 25 mm (Stainless Steel) EK 02550

Stainless steel staples

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Small staples ("loops" or "U nails") made of A2 grade stainless steel, 2.5 mm thick, 25 mm long, 50 staples per pack  >>> Price.



Mainly used as an intermediate holder/support for guiding wire and cable up to 3 mm in diameter (easy construction style) and also for end fixation, where instead of simple staples, the more solid staple nails, eyebolts, or eyelet nails are recommended. Good for solid wood (free-standing trellises, pergolas, half-timbered houses, etc..) and wooden cladding, as well as garden fences (primarily of chestnut wood) or bird aviaries, etc.. Insertion parallel to the grain is possible with hard woods; however, with soft, coniferous woods it is best to test the strength of the wood before committing, as they could be prone to splits. Please refer  here for support in choosing appropriate eyebolts.



Hammer the staples lightly and slightly offset to the grain direction to prevent cracks. With hardwoods, plastics, etc., pre-drill if necessary. If multiple staples are being used, it is best to prepare a template that specifies the distance between the holes.



Made in Germany (Thuringia)

Stainless steel staples
Steel cables fastened with clamps; latticework for a vine
Stainless steel staples