Pro - Concrete Drill Bit Set 4-12mm, SB 77777

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Professional-quality two flute (2-edged) carbide percussion drill bits, type 'Perfect Power,' shank made of extremely bend-resistant, tempered special steel, round body, 7-piece robust metal cassette case (yellow enamel) with bit sizes: 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 10 / 12 mm: the bit head structure with wide and deeply supported carbide plate corresponds to that of a hammer drill bit which is significantly more durable than a conventional percussion bit. PGM seal (Masonry Drill Bit Certification), tested according to ISO 5468; original packing.
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For assembly of Simple, Light and Medium Kits in concrete, masonry, natural stone and similar materials. For percussion drills (with three-jaw chuck), also for high-performance machines up to 1,500 watts. Fast drilling, long life, rapid transport/removal of drilled material/dust. Pre-drilling with a smaller diameter is recommended for very hard surfaces. Drill without percussion in hollow brick, cellular (aerated) concrete and possibly even in normal 'brick.' Not for wood. Cleaning the boreholes with a hole brush and a blower tool enables the rawl plugs (dowels) to adhere with maximum force. Please refer as needed to our general information on percussion drills.


Special Features

The bit cassette (carrying case) is secured against accidental opening. When opening, pull the black tab at the same time to unlock the lock.  



Made in China for Carbide Works Ravensburg (Hawera) of the Bosch Group, metal box 'Made in Germany' by Drillbox/Bayern