Eyelet Screw 7 mm, WH 07080

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Wood-thread eyelet screw made of stainless steel with strong 7 mm shaft (for bending buckling loads) and single milled 7 mm wood thread, total length 115 mm, shaft length 85 mm, surface- matt glossy. Attention: comparable eyelet screws 7/80 mm from other suppliers usually have a thinner 6 mm shaft with a rolled thread H7 and are therefore less suitable for bending buckling loads. More information under eyebolts. >>> Price



Standard fastener (screw) for our easy basic kit, for attaching rope with diameters up to 3 mm. Ideally, the distance from eyelet screw to eyelet screw should not exceed 1.5 m. As end and intermediate support for cable and wire. Can be used on many types of walls (please check suitability using the link). For wall distances 2.5-3.0 cm... at this distance the strong shaft can absorb all tensile and shock loads (for example, child’s ball thrown against the cables) without deformation-- without bending, buckling, or tearing out. Please see our section on eyebolts for more information.


Recommended Tools

For drilling precise holes (10 mm): hammer drill HB 44444. Alternatively: concrete drill, inexpensive masonry drill or universal drill; selection also depends on wall type.



If necessary, please refer to our guidelines on drilling! For mounting into masonry or concrete walls, use with plug DH 10065. Insert the eyelet screw into the chosen anchor (rawl plug) or directly into a pre-drilled hole if you are mounting into wood... screw in/ position using a mandrel or screwdriver- transversely inserted through the loop. The centre of the eyelet should not protrude more than about 3 cm from the wall (wall distance) for maximum strength. The screw tip should protrude about 5mm from the rawl plug, as shown in the photo.



Made in Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia)