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Eyelet Nail 4 / 65 mm, NA 04060

Eyelet (hook) nail made of stainless steel

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Special curved-head (hook) nail with eyelet head, made of stainless steel A2 hard (V2A), Diameter: 4 mm, Length: 67 mm, gap width of eye approx. 1 mm.  >>> Price



Standard eyelet for our easy mini kit; the simplest tool for fastening wire rope which, unlike staples and nails, creates space between rope and wall surface as the nail itself can be secured with approximately 2 cm still protruding. Wall distance approx. 2 cm, for rope diameters up to 2 mm. As intermediate and end supports for guiding wire and wire rope (simple design). For massive (solid) wood (freestanding trellises, pergolas, timber-framed houses, etc.), but especially for framework, cladding with or without counter battens. Minimum thickness of the wood surface should be about 22-25 mm. Refer to info on eyebolts for support in making a suitable choice.


Recommended Tools

For drilling precise plug holes (6 mm): hammer drill HB 44444. Alternatively: concrete drill, inexpensive masonry drill, or universal drill; selection also depends on wall type.



Hammer the eyelet hook nail directly into the wood, taking care not to exceed the desired distance from the wall. Eyelet nails as end fixings should be driven in deeper and preferably at a slight angle so that they can "brace" themselves against the rope pull. With hardwood, pre-drill approx. 2 mm, even with very narrow wood cross sections, to avoid splintering the wood. Determinate optimum hole diameter by doing a test drilling. Assembly in end grain wood is possible. Sand away any rough iron bits/sediment to prevent rust (corrosion) in the future.



Made in Germany (Saxony)

Eyelet (hook) nail in wood with 1.8 mm wire and a simple clamp SX 02018
Eyelet nail in wooden board
Wooden partition wall with cable system
Wooden partition wall
Greening with clematis montana and climbing hydrangea, budding in spring
Eyelet (hook) nail / Eyelets in wooden cladding