Eyebolt M6, WM 06030

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Eyebolt (ringbolt) made of stainless steel with welded-on eye and support plate (collar), counter-pressure washer, spring washer, and locking nut, metric thread M6  >>> Price



As an end and intermediate holder for cable and wire for through-hole mounting into wooden laths, planks, and similar free-standing components. For wire diameters up to 3 mm, as intermediate support up to 4 mm. Wall distance about 1.5-2.0 cm. Suitable wherever other wall brackets with wood thread can no longer be used due to low material thicknesses. With cavity plug/dowel HD 06050, the element can be used for wooden framework, wood panelling, etc.; with metric plug/dowel DM 06025 for 'sack' drilling in very thin concrete cross-sections as with pre-fab garages or if a hole leads to spalling (material flaking) on the inner wall. In both cases, the rear parts are then not mounted. In addition, we then provide a seal (gasket) free of cost. If desired, please leave a note in the order form at checkout. You can also refer to the information provided to support your selection of suitable eyelet bolts.


Recommended Tool

Universal drill UB 77777, especially the 6 and 8 mm drill.



If necessary, please refer to the instructions provided on drilling! Make a through-hole > 6 mm, insert the ring bolt without any moving parts on the front side and screw it to the corresponding elements (washer, spring washer, nut) on the rear side.


Special Features

The backing pad cuts slightly into the material on the front side and leaves a disc-shaped impression after dismantling. Alternatively, the element WM 08080 is available for push-through mounting in larger material cross sections. 



Production based on designs from the Far East