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Wire Rope System 0010

Special system for 'curtain' greening (suspending support cables from the roof in front of the facade rather than directly on the facade... for example, in the case of external insulation): the cables are attached to eyebolts on roof rafters, balcony beams, etc.., and below to ground anchors. If ground anchors cannot be used, use one of the solutions described in system 0020 (at ground level). One drawback of this system: plants can easily grow up to the roof, so regular maintenance trimming is required. For aesthetic reasons, it is recommended to run the cables parallel to the wall and not at an angle. Guiding plants diagonally to walls and trees is, however, possible. We do not offer this system as a kit; you can plan it yourself, calculate the strains/loads, and choose the necessary parts yourself.


Height: An individual cable up to approx. 2 floors (storeys). A single cable is recommended for every vertical line (strand). Redirecting the cable is also possible at low heights and long wall distance, but then the cables become slack due to the greater length.


Parts List: For each line (strand) you will need: 

Installation: see diagrams. The turnbuckle can be hooked directly in the eyelet above and remains then tamper-proof. At the bottom it can be hooked to the ground anchor via an additional O-ring and readjusted as needed at any time. Please refer to the product sheets for earth anchors and eyebolts (links above) - the mounting of the eyebolt requires a stepped drill hole.

Special form: diagonally stretched rope = diagonal training of wisteria by means of 'guying' with earth anchors
Diagonal training of a wisteria
Installation of earth anchors
Installation of earth anchors
Thicket Creeper before pruning, eyelets screwed into a rafter (purlin), guy ropes
Wire rope tensioning
Fastening of a wire rope to the roof in a rafter under the framework, here with eyebolt WH 10150;
for better reinforcement, here with horizontal stainless steel rods
Attachment to roof
Tomatoes and grapevines, wire ropes led parallel to the insulated wall
Tomatoes and grapes on an insulated wall
Green privacy protection: the wisteria must be led parallel to the rope and not be allowed to twine around the rope under any circumstances!
Green privacy screen with wisteria