Eyelet Screw 6 mm, WH 06060

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Wood-thread eyelet screw made of stainless steel with strong 6 mm shaft and milled wood 6 mm thread, total length 90 mm, shaft length 65 mm, surface- matt-glossy. Attention: comparable eyelet bolts 6/60 mm from other suppliers usually have a thinner 5 mm shaft with a rolled thread H6 and are therefore less suitable for bending-buckling loads. >>> Price


Standard eyelet for our easy basic-s kits, i.e. for rope diameters up to 3 mm. An economical alternative to the larger eyebolt WH 07080. Suitable for trellis wire/ropes at low loads on many wall types. Provides up to 2 cm wall distance. The distance from eyelet to eyelet should not exceed 1.5 m. Please also refer to the information provided for choosing suitable eyebolts.


Recommended Tools

For drilling precise holes for plugs (8 mm): hammer drill HB 44444. Alternatively: concrete drill, inexpensive masonry drill, or universal drill; selection also depends on wall type.



Please refer to our information on drilling! Use rawl plug DH 08050. If mounting into aerated masonry or aerated concrete, rawl plug DH 10065 is better suited. Screw the 6 mm eyelet screw as deeply as possible into the wall such that the shaft is almost invisible; this minimises flexural bending stress.



Made in Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia)