Screw Thread Eyebolt M10

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Screw thread eye bolt (ring bolt) made of stainless steel, shaft M10 / H9, ring nut, check nut, hexagon flanged nut, special-supporting plate d= 8.9 mm, gasket and long plug.  >>> Price



For cable 3 mm (4 mm), often as a standard element for Medium "Classic" Kits in accordance with the specifications of the respective cable system, often in connection with WH 10151. The distance from ring screw (eyebolt) to ring screw, should ideally not exceed 1.5 m. Cables are fastened by means of looping (making loops). Particularly suited for hollow brick/stones, and compatible with many wall types. Check the link for suitability. In panel/board materials only when anchoring in substructure is possible and material thickness is at least a total of 60 mm. Wall distance 6 cm. Please also use the information provided to select appropriate eyebolts.



Refer, if necessary, to the instructions we've provided on drilling work. Usually fits with long parallel expansion wall anchor DL 12090. In panel building materials- with DH 12075; in hardwood- without plug anchors (8 mm, front 9 mm drill). For an optimal sealing, the surface should be reasonably level or prepared (sanded down). The ring screw is inserted into the pre-drilled hole (wood) or into the chosen anchor/plug, screwed in and positioned by means of a screwdriver transversely inserted through the ring. Further installation is carried out as described for Medium Kits.


Special Features

For special cases (such as with 1.8 mm cable), the ring screw eyebolt is supplied with a longer shaft at no extra cost; available as WH 10180 and then has 8 cm distance to the wall.



Production: made in Germany; ring eyelet and hexagon nuts from the Far East