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Eyelet Screw 7/80 mm, WH 07080

Ösenschraube aus Edelstahl

Product sheet

Description / Price

Eyelet screw made of high-grade steel with firm shaft of 7 mm (for bend crease strain) and single milled wood thread 7 mm, total length 115 mm, skirt length 85 mm. surface mat. Caution: Comparable eyelet bolts 7/80 mm usually have only a thinner 6 mm shaft with a rolled thread H7 and therefore are less suitable for bend crease strain. >>> Price



Standard element for easy kits Basic, therefore for rope diameters to approx. 3 mm. The distance of eyelet bolt to eyelet bolt shouldn't exceed 1.5 m if possible. As end and inter-support for wire rope and wire. Can be used on many types of walls, please check the suitability with the link. For wall distances of about 2.5 to 3 cm - at this distance the shaft can absorb stresses and shock loads (for example, child’s ball thrown against the cables) and stays free of deformation. Please use the information to select the appropriate eyebolts.



If necessary, please notice the leaflet for drilling work! Used together with plug DH 10065 into masonry. The eyelet bolt is inserted into the pre-drilled hole (wood) or in the chosen anchors and screwed and positioned by means of a mandrel or screwdriver - transversely inserted through the loop. The center of the eyelet should be no more than about 3 cm away from the wall stand out (wall distance), otherwise an optimal capacity of the element is not present. The threaded tip must penetrate about 5 mm of the dowels end as visible in the photo.



"Made in Germany" (North Rhine-Westphalia) 

Ösenschraube mit Wildem Rankwein
Schrauböse mit Dübel
The screw must be screwed this deep into the dowel.
Montierte Ösenschrauben
Größenvergleich von Ösenschrauben
Größenvergleich von Ösenschrauben, von oben: WH 07080 / WH 06060 / NA 04060