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Wire Rope System 2060

This is the basic form for angled greening over windows, doors, etc.  Please also use the references for the choice of a suitable style in the section on Climbing Plants.

Order as a kit: Parts list, information and assembly tips

38-66 €69,80 €108-195 €184,80 €256,80 €


The pre-assembled kits are suitable for all wall types, but not for outer insulation, cladding, and thin-walled concrete elements. Alternatives can be put together in all cases.


Height x breadth: max. approx. 3.2 m x 3 m (with a heavy/massive kit 4 m x 3.6 m). Distance between the three wires: approx. 20 -35 cm, (see below at "shoot guidance"). With Climbing Roses 50 cm. For a harmonious design of the cable system it is worth noting: the short horizontal "cable bridge" on the three vertical ropes is arranged so that it is slightly above the center of the middle vertical rope. It then appears slightly elevated in the sense of the 'golden section'. The short vertical 'wire bridge' on the horizontal ropes in turn is to be placed so that it lies in the center of the middle horizontal rope. Base point approximately 0.6 to 1.2 m above the ground. With more holders and cross clamps the basic shape can be expanded to 4 or 5 parallel ropes, then approx. every 1.5 m -1.8 m intermediate holder and each a short 'cable bridge' from two holders and one or more cross clamps are all provided. Please ask if necessary.


Installation: is carried out as shown on the graphics. Take into account the assembly tips (above). Please contact us with any questions.


Shoot guidance: See graphics. vertical cordon in combination with horizontal cordon (R 01). Short cut, above also medium-length or long. Better two plants in a planting hole for the separation of vertical and horizontal range, especially at a great height and / or width, wherein the angled vine is guided in the vertical area with an unleafy trunk (R 02). With subsequent planting of the perpendicular vine, there should be two separate planting pits (R 03). The distance of the horizontal wires should be rather large depending upon sort-typical Internodien distance, thus about 30-35 cm. 4 - 5 horizontal cables are often still more favorable than 3, then the distance can be smaller.

Heavy Kit on outer insulation with 5 horizontal cables, climbing rose
Heavy Kit, modified, climbing rose
Rose espalier
Light Kit, clematis
Steel cable for climbing and twining plants
Climbing/growing element for roses, Medium Kit
Climbing aid elements for roses
Luxuriant vines on a triaxial trellis system
Grapevine with espalier system
Heavy Kit, climbing rose
Wire rope system for roses

Grapevine training on system 2060

R 01
R 02
R 03
Medium Kit, Honeysuckle
Easy kit
Light / Medium / Heavy / Massive kit