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Clematis Viticella (Wild Variety)

From the Mediterranean region, this is a very old garden plant and ancestor of a vast number of clematis hybrids. Flowers light blue-violet to purple-pink; here we offer a blue-lilac variety with flowers that open well. Extremely robust, healthy and vigorous, therefore chosen for the viticella-assortment FassadenGrün. Also develops flowers in shade! For trellises 3 – 5 metres high. The flowers look particularly beautiful from beneath, hence the trellis should be accordingly high. Flowers 3 – 5 cm, flowering time July to September. Refer to the general information for guidance on location, pruning, suitable cable systems, etc..

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(Lat: Clematis viticella, wild strain)

Wild form of clematis viticella
Wild form of clematis viticella
Clematis viticella (botanical species) in a shaded alley
Wild variety of clematis viticella