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Large Flowered Clematis Hybrids

Clematis hybrids with large flowers greater than 10 cm are probably the best-known representatives of the genus clematis. Even in their beauty, they are somewhat delicate, so only the healthiest varieties are listed here. Apart from very sunny locations, they are suitable as facade plants. Their main flowering season is in May/June. You will find information on the cultivation of large-flowered clematis here, as well as a description of the five chosen varieties by FassadenGrün.

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General info on clematis hybrids

General Information

Pruning, wire rope systems, etc..

Clematis hybrid "The President"

"The President"

Purple-blue top cultivar

Clematis hybrid "Gräfin Cosel"

"Gräfin Cosel"

For low trellises

Clematis hybrid "Dr. Ruppel"

"Dr. Ruppel"

Clematis for shade

Clematis hybrid "Ernest Markham"

"Ernest Markham"

Unique colour

Clematis hybrid "Nelly Moser"

"Nelly Moser"

Historical, light-coloured cultivar