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Clematis viticella

Meet here our third group of clematis ~ the clematis viticella, sometimes referred to as Italian clematis, native to Southern Europe. They thrive in both warmer Mediterranean zones and in the cooler climates of Northern Europe, are versatile, hearty, and very easy to care for. Flowering is profuse from June to September. Blooms are smaller, slightly nodding, and generally less spectacular than with the first two groups. Viticella are as robust as the medium-sized hybrids and are excellent for partially shaded walls up to 5 metres high.

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Flowering clematis viticella

General Information

Pruning, climbing supports, etc.. 

Wild Form

Very delicate flowers

Clematis viticella "Emilia Plater"

"Emilia Plater"

Distinctive colour

Purpurea Plena Elegans

Purpurea Plena Elegans

Old cultivar, magenta

Clematis viticelle "Rubra" (Hybride)


Old cultivar, crimson

White clematis viticella

Alba Luxurians

Old cultivar, white