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Clematis Hybrids ~ Medium-sized Flowers

Clematis hybrids with medium-sized flowers (about 10 cm in diameter) make up the second group of clematis. They flower June - September and look a lot like the large-flowered varieties but are healthier, more robust, and suitable for semi-shaded walls. There are smaller and bigger clematis in this group; some remain compact and are suitable for small trellises, while others grow up to 6 metres high.

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Clematis viticella

General Information

Pruning, trellising, etc..

Etoile Violette

"Etoile Violette"

Very lush flowering

Clematis "Polish Spirit"

"Polish Spirit"

Long flowering period

Clematis hybrid "Blue Angel" from Poland

"Blue Angel"

Exceptional shape and colour

Clematis "Venosa Violacea"

"Venosa Violacea"

Bi-coloured variety

Clematis hybrid "Ashva" from Lithuania


Compact, for small trellises

Clematis: Hagley Hybrid

"Hagley Hybrid"

For mixed greening

Clematis "Comtesse de Bouchaud" (Photo credit: A. Tolksdorf)

"Comtesse d. Bouchaud"

A robust clematis for beginners

Clematis "Madame Julia Correvon"

Madame Julia Correvon

An exceptional rosy-red!

Clematis Hybrid "Huldine"


Up to 6 metres high!