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Clematis "Rubra"

A very old variety, already referred to by name around 1600. Similar or even identical to 'Kermesina.' Suitable for trellises 2.5 – 4 m high. A rather simple variety, and due to the small flowers, a very robust clematis for the novice. We have added it to our viticella-assortment for this reason and for its colour. The slightly curled, rich-red velvety flowers appear in abundance, flower size: 4 – 7 cm, flowering time July to September, suitable for potting. Refer to our viticella general information for guidance on location, pruning, suitable cable systems, etc..

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Rubra is a Clematis viticella selective breed

Clematis viticella "Rubra"
Clematis viticella "Rubra"