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Clematis "Huldine"

'Huldine' was bred by the Frenchman Francisque Morel around 1900, though it has become commercially available only since 1934. This clematis is particularly important for facade greening as its characteristics bridge the way to the profusely flowering Clematis montana in terms of flower colour and height, but at the same time it blooms later and longer (July to September). Clematis 'Huldine' is vigorous, robust, and very resistant to clematis wilt. It branches well and can grow up to 6 metres high. It has also been praised as the best repeat blooming white clematis. The flowers are somewhat translucent and shimmer in the sun like mother-of-pearl, and it blushes a faint pink when the sun shines through the translucence to the pink tracks on the petals' underside-- truly special! With its neutral colour, this clematis also makes an ideal companion plant for roses! For trellises 3 - 6 m high. Flower size: 6 – 8 cm, flowering from July - September. For guidance on location, purning, suitable trellising, refer to the general information for medium-sized hybrids.

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Clematis seedling of unknown parentage

Clematis "Huldine"
Clematis "Huldine"
"Huldine" in front of a sun room