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Clematis "Blue Angel"

Bred in 1987 by the Polish Jesuit priest Stefan Franczak, who also bred many day lilies. The name 'Blue Angel' is not inspired by a US-American flight formation or the German environmental seal, but by the seductive beauty of the actress Marlene Dietrich as “Blue Angel” in the 1930 film of the same name. Due to its superb qualities, this clematis quickly became famous the world over! The ethereal, light blue flowers are similar to 'Emilia Plater' but are larger at 8 – 15 cm and have a pronounced ruffled edge. The 4 - 6 petals can be pointy or round. FassadenGrün has chosen it as part of our assortment for its colour and aesthetic. Flowering time from June to September. For trellises 2 – 4 m high, also suitable for cultivating in a pot/contatiner. Refer to our general information for guidance on location, pruning, suitable cable systems, etc..

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(Clematis hybrid of unknown parents, also known as 'Blauer Engel' or Blekitny Aniol' resp. 'Blekidny Aniol')

Clematis "Blue Angel"
Clematis "Blue Angel"
Light blue clematis "Blekitny Aniol"
Clematis "Blekidny Aniol" ("Blue Angel")
Clematis "Blue Angel" on a trellis
Clematis viticella "Blue Angel" on a wooden facade