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Clematis "Polish Spirit"

A new, healthy variety, bred in 1984 in a convent by the Jesuit priest Stefan Franczak in Poland. The name refers to the resilience of the Polish people in the dark post-war period (1945 onward). The flower has 4 - 6 petals, is somewhat smaller than 'Etoile Violette' and flowers less profusely though for a month longer. Foliage is lush, dense, rich green. Its excellent health and vigour make it a great substitute for the legendary (though mildew-prone) Clematis Jackmanii, even if it doesn't quite match its flower size. For all these reasons we have included Polish Spirit in our medium-sized hybrid assortment. For trellises ca. 3 - 5 m high; flowers are 6 - 11 cm; flowering time June - September (October). Refer to our general information for location, pruning, suitable trellising, etc..

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'Polish Spirit' belongs either to Clematis viticella or the C. 'Jackmanii' group

Clematis "Polish Spirit"
Clematis "Polish Spirit"
Wooden wall with clematis
Purple clematis
Clematis "Polish Spirit" on a wooden trellis
Purple clematis "Polish Spirit"