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Vis à oeil 6/60 mm avec collerette, WH 06061

Augschraube Edelstahl

Product sheet

Description / Price

Ring screw made of high-grade steel with eye and supporting plate, welded with wood thread 6 mm. shaft strength approx. 5.5 mm, skirt length approx. 62 mm. Polished. Good "button" aesthetics because of the shiny collar coupled with high functionality.  >>> Price



As end and inter-support for Easy kits. For cable diameters to 2 mm, in exception also to 3 mm. wall distance approx. 2 cm. The distance of eye screw to eye screw, if possible, shouldn't exceed 1.5 m. Installation with concrete and exposed masonry with peg DH 08050, otherwise better with DH 10065 (same link as DH 08050). Good load-bearing capacity because of the supporting plate. Finish the borehole and use protection against penetrating water, if necessary, with additional sealing ring (please inquire)



Please, if necessary use the information on drilling work! Be sure to  pre drill in wood, diameter  4.0-4.5 mm (soft wood) or 5.0-5.5 mm (hardwood). Grease the shaft, put the Ring bolt / screw into the pre drilled hole (wood) or in its chosen means of a dowel and screw inserted transversely through the eye mandrel or screwdriver and position.


Special Features

If the ring screw is used for masonry with plastic plug, you receive in addition and free of cost, a seal made from neoprene. Please enter this wish in the ordering form at the online shop at " register" in the field "remarks". No seal, however, is required at adhesion or glueing into the masonry.



Production made from drawing in the Far East

Abstandshalter Ösen Drahtseil
WH 06061 into wood veneer, growing system for Clematis.
Montierte Aug-Schrauben
Collared eyelet screw in wood
Top belt of an free-standing growing framework.