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Trellis Fitting M8 "Short", GH 08093

Grid mount for thin concrete walls

Product sheet

Description / Price
Made of high-quality stainless steel A4, 90 mm long M8 smooth shaft, with clamping head and M10 grub screw, hexagon flange nut, domed thrust washer and laminated gasket. Brass plug included. The head is also available separately. >>>Price.

Wall fitting for thin concrete walls. For stainless steel trellises with wires that are up to 6 mm thick. For light to medium loads. Distance to wall is 60 mm. Please also read the general information on how to securely fasten a trellis to the facade.


Recommended Tools

To drill precise 10 mm holes for the wall plug, we recommend our hammer drill HB 44444 or our concrete drill, inexpensive masonry drill or universal drill; drill selection depends on wall type.

Read our information sheet on drilling first. To seal the bore hole perfectly, the wall should be reasonably level around the bore holes (sand it down if necessary). In concrete wall, drill 4 - 4.5 cm deep with diameter 10mm. Grease the trellis fitting slightly and screw the brass plug onto it approx. 20 mm deep (see photo above), just before the brass plug begins to expand.

Insert the fitting with the brass plug into the bore hole until it's flush with the wall. Use an open-ended wrench to screw the plug tight. If the plug does not grip the material/concrete, screw the fitting a little deeper into the plug and try again. Tilt the fitting with the plug slightly when it's in the wall to increase friction. Read the product sheet of the brass plug if still have difficulties. When screwing in, align the fitting to the 8 mm groove in ahead until further turning is not possible (using normal manual force). Once all fittings have been mounted, place the trellis in the grooves of the mounts, align it and fix it with the grub screws.

Made in Germany (Saxony): head from Saxony, shaft and disc from North Rhine-Westphalia, plugs from Baden-Württemberg, small parts imported from Asia.

Images will follow shortly