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Downpipe (Drainpipe) Trellis, RF 20002

Downpipe (Drainpipe) Trellis

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Curved stainless steel trellis for downpipes (drainpipes), spot-welded, galvanised. Made of V2A (AISI 304) stainless steel. Rod ends bevelled, no protruding wires and therefore no risk of injury. Width 23 cm, bar-⌀ 6 mm. Two sizes / versions available:

  •  RF 20002, large: 200 cm (h) x 23 cm (w) x 19 cm (depth), V2A, matte glossy - Price
  •  RF 12002, 120 cm (h) x 20 cm (w) x 17 cm (depth), V2A, matte glossy - Price (available starting in Fall 2024)

This high-grade metal trellis is for wall mounting via downpipes; covered with the foliage of a climbing plant, it will hide downpipes. Please check out our tips for downpipe greening! Not appropriate for downpipes in corners. Suitable for slow to moderately vigorous climbing plants, especially: mandevilla, thunbergia, clematis, and small climbing roses.


4 fittings (mounts) should be used. Please also refer to the general instructions for attaching stainless steel trellises to facades. All fittings can be used.

Made in Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia)

high-grade metal trellis
Curved stainless steel trellis for downpipes (drainpipes)
Downpipe (Drainpipe) Trellis RF 20002
Grid for downpipes