Trellis Fitting M10 ''Vario', GH 10151

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Made of stainless steel A2, shaft M10 / 150 mm long, with clamping head 8,2 mm and M10 grub screw, grub screw (set screw), lock nut, adjusting nut, spring washer, and washer. The mount can be delivered disassembled if necessary; the head is also available separately.

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Wall fitting/anchor for stainless steel trellises with 8.0 mm thick wires.  For medium loads. Distance to wall 40-80 mm. Inexpensive wall spacer/mount compatible with many wall types, particularly for protection/ privacy walls made of concrete or in edge areas where expansion pressure-free anchoring is required. Please also read the general tips on how to correctly secure a trellis to the wall.


Recommended Tools

The hammer drill set HB 44444 or the single hammer drill HB 12160 are suitable for bonding; alternatively, the concrete drill cassette SB 77777 or the masonry drill cassette SB 44444 are suitable for impact drilling.



If needed, please refer to our instruction manual on drilling. Drill a hole with a diameter of 12 mm, approx. 80-120 mm deep; brush and blow out the hole for better adhesion of the mortar. Press in composite mortar (quantity or number of strokes determined as you go) and no later than 2-3 minutes later, insert the shaft by turning (insertion depth greater than 7 cm. Press the shaft slightly against the lower wall of the borehole so that it already rests against the lower wall of the borehole and any "sagging" during the setting process is avoided.  After gluing the anchor bolt into the drill hole filled with the composite mortar, the hole might need to be stabilised with make-shift shims (for example matches) stuck into the lower edge of the drill hole, so that the bolt will not tilt downwards during the setting of the mortar. Wipe off any excess mortar. Approx. 4 - 5 min. after filling in the mortar, when the setting/drying begins and the grub screws (threaded bolt) no longer shift/slip, wipe the area around the bolt again to obtain a flat surface. Make sure the hole is completely filled with mortar and that it is sealed. Remove any mortar from the protruding thread. After setting (see cartridge), slide on the washer, spring (lock) washer and nut, put against the wall, and tighten. Then put on the thin/flat nut (only a few millimeters) and the head...align the groove -- e.g. with head and flat nut lock against each other (using a screwdriver to hold them crosswise through the groove).


Special Features

Conditionally suitable for solid wood > 5 cm (hardwood for timber framing or wood formwork with counter lathing). For assembly: drilling diameter 8-9 mm, grease the threaded shaft, screw in directly and then tighten the washer. A bolt set (nut, spring washer and flat washer) for through hole (push-through) mounting into wood posts, etc. is also available.



Production: "Made in Germany" (Saxony); hexagon nuts from the Far East.