ProPlus All-purpose Drill Cartridge 4-12 mm, 7 pcs.

Product sheet

Description / Price

Two-edge tungsten carbide drill bit with diamond-ground carbide tip, type 'Artu-Profi-Line,' round shank-holder, 7-piece plastic cassette with bit sizes 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 10 / 12 mm; cassette has plug-in slots with clamping mechanism so the bits are secured and do not slip. When opened, presents the bits in a fan shape for convenient access. Original packaging with printed casing. Low price due to high order volumes. >>> Price



For assembly of Easy, Light and Medium Kits in ALL building materials, but mainly for wood, laminated materials, wall cladding, panelling, etc... Also for metal, tile, glass, and ceramics! For normal drills and impact/percussion drills, the recommended speeds can be found on the cassette. Fast drilling, long service life, rapid dust removal. For rotation drilling and percussion drilling, then choose the Profi-Plus quality (also for percussion drilling in stone, concrete, etc..) Expect, however, stronger wear on the bit when working in tougher materials. Pre-drilling with a smaller all-purpose drill bit is recommended for very hard surfaces. Be sure to clean drill holes with a (bore)hole brush and a blow-out tool for maximum adhesive forces for the rawl plugs (dowels). Please refer as needed to our general information about universal drills.


Special Features

This is a rare type of all-purpose (universal) drill bit which is also suitable for percussion drilling. The bits can also be re-sharpened. 



High-quality carbide tip from 'Ceratizit' / Made in Luxembourg, shaft and soldering 'made in China' for Artu Werkzeuge GmbH.