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Fittings and Mounts - for Stainless Steel Trellises

Metal trellises play a major role in wall greening; FassadenGrün sells a variety as well as several types of corresponding stainless steel fittings (mounts) for different wall types. Four to five fittings are generally necessary to attach a metal trellis to the wall or facade. In the first section of this page you can compare the fittings before studying the individual product sheets. Please also see the tips at the bottom of this page.

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Metal trellis grid RG 120004 with "thunbergia balata" on a wall
Metal trellis grid RG 120004 with "thunbergia balata" on a wall


General Information

Various types of holders for lattices

Comparing our Fittings

Chart profile comparing our metal trellis mounts

Plastic / Stainless Steel


Simple and inexpensive

Set of 4 clip holders


Simple and inexpensive

Trellis mount with smooth shaft


Streamlined design

Middle-size holders


Standard fitting

Big holders


Greater wall distance

Large holders for stainless steel trellises


Smooth shaft in V4A (AISI 316)

Holder for thin beton walls


For concrete garages (thin concrete walls)

For variable distances



Holders for ETICS insulation panels


For "styro" (polystyrene) insulation panels

For heavy loads


For rods Ø 10 mm

For high distances


For rods Ø 10 mm

For verry heavy loads


For rods Ø 10 mm

Heads for lattice/grid-holders