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Mandevilla "Red" - Compact (M)

This mandevilla / dipladenia is a Japanese cultivar, richly branched, profusely flowering, and ideal for outdoor use. Its appearance in 2003 caused a revolution in the plant market! Mandevilla "Red" remains the classic and most popular of the mandevillas and therefore has its place in the assortment at FassadenGrün. Its weakly twining shoots like to climb small climbing aids, but also grow overhanging and are great for flower baskets. They grow 1.5 m by August, or 2.0 m by frost. The small leaves are smooth, shiny and waxy. The shape of the flowers resembles a serrated pinwheel. For location, pruning, suitable rope systems, etc., see our mandevilla general information. We offer 2 versions, differing in price and presentation (trimming, trellis height). We recommend placing your orders early!  

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Hybrid of (lat.) Mandevilla sanderi, Sundaville® "Red" or Diamantina® "Topaze Vermillon

Mandevilla / Dipladenia / Sundaville "Red"
Mandevilla / Dipladenia / Sundaville "Red"
Red dipladenia
Mandevilla as a street-greening on a foot path
Red mandevilla as a potted plant at a house entrance
Red mandevilla