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Mandevilla "Yellow" - Compact (M)

A mandevilla of exceptional colour, securing a place in our assortment since 2016. The twining stems grow slowly, and the plant remains compact. The leaves are medium sized, long and shiny, the petals round and a little larger than those of the "Bloom Bells® Yellow." Contrary to the more floriferous sorts like "Rio White," flower density is less, with the individual flowers lasting 3 - 5 days. The flowers tend to droop somewhat, so we recommend positioning the plant a little higher (something to elevate the planter) to be able to see the open flowers. For more information on planting, care, and suitable cable systems, see our mandevilla general infomation.
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lat.: Urechites lutea, Diamantina® "Opale Citrine"

Mandevilla Diamantina "Opale Citrine"
Mandevilla Diamantina "Opale Citrine"
Dipladenia "Opale Citrine"