Diamantina "Agathe White" / Mandeville "White" - Vigorous Twiner (XL)

This mandevilla grows vigorously, has large leaves and large flowers. Its habit is similar to Mandevilla "Rubiniana" of the same lineage, but with more resemblance to the white Mandevilla boliviensis. It can reach about 3 m by August and up to 4 m and more by first frost. It will need a trellis, a railing, or a climbing aid made of wire rope. Its fast growth and striking colour (flower buds are slightly pink and the white flower throats a golden yellow) has won it a place in our mandevilla assortment. For plantng tips, see the mandevilla general information. We recommend ordering early!
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Mandevilla hybrid

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Mandevilla "Agathe White" (Diamantina®-series)
Mandevilla "Agathe White" (Diamantina®-series)