Rose "Pierre de Ronsard"

French cultivar from Meilland, introduced in 1985, also known as "Eden Rose 85". Was honoured in 2006 as one of the very few "World Roses". A nostalgic-looking, very healthy variety with vigorous growth, actually a "shrub rose", but suitable for wall planting. Rain-resistant and heat-tolerant! The large, double flowers appear in large numbers and last a long time; the rose blooms in several flushes until late autumn. "Pierre de Ronsard" can be planted a little higher - e.g. in a tall container - because the heavy, drooping flowers look downwards. The dark, glossy leaves have a decorative effect and stay on for a long time; the variety is almost evergreen in mild locations.

For location, pruning, training, climbing aids, etc., see "General information".

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Flowers of the 'Pierre de Ronsard' rose
Flowers of the 'Pierre de Ronsard' rose