Climbing rose "New Dawn"

Discovered in 1930 as a mutation in New Jersey / USA, grows to a height of 3 metres. The emergence of this rose was, as the name suggests, a "dawn", the beginning of a new era, as there were no continuously flowering climbing roses! "New Dawn" was celebrated frenetically and in 1997 it was finally honoured as one of the very few "World Roses". The pale pink colour and the rose-like buds are also remarkable - they lend the rose elegance. For decades, "New Dawn" has probably been the best-known rose on walls and façades. In British garden culture, it is often planted with clematis "Etoile Violette" s. Photo below. The leaves of "New Dawn" are only moderately healthy and the variety feels uncomfortable and fails on (hot) south-facing walls.

For location, pruning, training, climbing aids, etc., see "General information".

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Blossoms of the climbing rose "New Dawn"
Blossoms of the climbing rose "New Dawn"
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