Climbing rose "Belkanto" ®

Introduced by Noack Rosen in 2004, a climbing rose up to 3 metres tall and more, with attractive, dark velvety red flowers in umbels. Highly recommended by the breeder for walls! Belkanto" ® blooms most profusely in July, but the variety is virtually repeat-flowering until autumn, which is where its value lies. It is ideal for public green spaces, as it fulfils everything that is generally expected of a wall rose in the street. "Belkanto" ® is generally healthy, but as is usual with dark red roses, a small amount of mildew cannot be ruled out. This infestation often goes unnoticed and is therefore acceptable. The foliage sticks well into the winter, ensuring long-lasting "greening" of facades.

For location, pruning, training, climbing aids, etc., see "General information".

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Blüten der Kletterrose 'Belkanto' ®
Blossoms of the climbing rose 'Belkanto' ®