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Ivy "Goldheart"

Probably originated in a nursery near Genoa / Italy in 1950. Dark-green leaves with a golden-yellow centre, especially in a sunny position. In shade, the leaf centre turns green. Good to very good frost resistance, which is not always the case in variegated ivy varieties. In addition, 'Goldheart' clings exceptionally well to walls. Unfortunately this variety is somewhat unreliable, because every now and then new shoots develop WITHOUT the yellow centre, especially when the ivy has been pruned. These shoots have to be cut off to prevent their proliferation and to retain the overall integrity of the greening. A 'top of the world' performer and hence in FassadenGrün's Range! Please refer to General Information for ivy.

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(lat. Hedera helix "Goldheart", or "Oro de Bogliasco")

Ivy "Goldheart" with yound and old leaves
House greening with Ivy "Goldheart"
Wall greening with Hedera helix "Golheart"
[Translate to Englisch:] Bunter Efeu Hedera helix "Goldheart"
English Ivy "Goldheart"
Ivy "Goldheart" next to a house entrance
Ivy "Goldheart" next to a house entrance