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Ivy "Sulphur Heart"

This ivy is probably a clone of 'Dentata Variegata' and was known in Great Britain already before 1940. Its large, light green leaves have a yellow flame-like variegation when exposed to enough sun. In the shade the leaf centre develops only to green-yellow or remains green. Climbing capacity (aerial rootlets) only moderately developed; therefore, the shoots are often trained along balustrades, on lattices or other climbing supports, or they grow cascading from walls. The leaves can grow considerably large (“elephant ears”). Frost hardiness moderate to good; the leaves may slightly curl in winter. An interesting and reliable variety, thus included in FassadenGrün's range. Please refer to the ivy general information for tips and more information.

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(lat. Hedera colchica "Sulphur Heart", also "Sulphurheart")

Ivy "Sulphur Heart"
Ivy "Sulphur Heart"
Ivy "Sulphur Heart" on a facade
Yellow colored ivy "Sulphur Heart"
Ivy Hedera colchica "Sulphur Heart" on a fence
Trellis for hedera ivy "Sulphur Heart"