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Ivy "Dentata Variegata"

Discovered before 1907 by the English gardener L.R. Russell in a garden not far from his nursery. This ivy variety had an unusual, almost tropical look! He asked for some shoots and propagated the ivy. Soon the variety caused a sensation, received awards and every country estate owner wanted to buy a specimen for about 100 Euros! Since then 'Dentata Variegata' has become common worldwide and it remains the most striking ivy. It is a good climber, has grey-green leaves with a brightly variegated edge – also in the lower parts and even when used as a groundcover. The leaves can reach a length of about 20cm (“elephant ears”). Its excellent frost resistance and vigorous growth make this variety suitable for large areas and is therefore offered in FassadenGrün's range. Please also refer to the ivy general information.

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(lat. hedera colchica "Dentata Variegata")

Hedera colchica "Dentata Variegata"
Hedera colchica "Dentata Variegata"
White speckled ivy "Dentata Variegata"
Ivy on a wall
Wall greening with ivy "Dentata Variegata"
Visual screen with ivy "Dentata Variegata"