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Ivy "Dentata Variegata"

Discovered in 1907 by the English gardener L.R. Russell in a garden not far from his nursery. He asked for a few shoots and propogated the ivy. With its striking, almost tropical look, it quickly became popular and won many prizes, with specimens selling for exorbitant sums (100 € a plant!). "Dentata Variegata" can now be found all over the world and is still the most remarkable ivy. It is a good climber, has grey-green leaves with a brightly variegated edge (also in the lower parts of the plant and even when used as a groundcover). The leaves can grow up to 20 cm long (“elephant ears”). Its excellent frost resistance and vigorous growth make this variety suitable for large areas and is therefore offered in FassadenGrün's ivy assosrtment. Please also refer to our ivy general information.

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Lat. hedera colchica "Dentata Variegata"

Hedera colchica "Dentata Variegata"
Hedera colchica "Dentata Variegata"
White variegated ivy "Dentata Variegata"
Ivy on a wall
Wall greening with ivy "Dentata Variegata"
Creating a privacy screen with ivy "Dentata Variegata"