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Ivy "Hibernica"

Hibernica likely came from Ireland, where it was already described around 1815. Its vigorous growth and large, ornamental leaves make this a very popular ivy, and is therefore offered in FassadenGrün's range. It adheres very well to façades; the foliage is not quite as dense as with 'Woerner' and in winter the leaves don't turn as dark. Of course it is all a question of taste, as some people may indeed prefer a strong colour.... Unfortunately this top performer 'Hibernica' is not quite as hardy as 'Werner.' From my experience (Sven Taraba, 2017), the climate zone 7b / 6a in Leipzig still appears to be stable. However, in colder regions in Germany some parts of the ivy may freeze and die off during severe winters; for that reason, its use is limited in those regions. Please also refer to the ivy general information.

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(lat. "Hedera hibernica "Hibernica", also known as "Irish Ivy")

Irish ivy Hedera hibernica
Irish ivy Hedera hibernica
Large greening project with a well maintained ivy
Small hedera helix "Hibernica"
Two potted ivy "Hibernica"
Irish ivy on a facade