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Ivy "Woerner"

This ivy was discovered around 1945 on a church near Remscheid, Germany. The large, dark-green leaves are tightly packed together making a kind of ivy 'mat,' their imbricate (roof-tile like) growth habit providing particularly dense and lush cover to any facade or structure. In winter they darken somewhat due to a red pigment, but they are not as dark as the native ivy (Hedera helix, wild form) in our forests. From May onwards, the dark winter colouring fades and is replaced by new light green foliage. Excellent winter hardiness to climate zone 5a. Fast growing and therefore good for particularly high greenings. A universal variety, so also included in our ivy sortiment. Please refer to our ivy general information to learn more.

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Lat. Hedera helix "Woerner", also "Woerneri" or "Remscheid"

Ivy "Woerner" - some leaves have the darker winter color
Ivy "Woerner" - some leaves here with the darker winter colouring
House greened with ivy
Ivy in a pot
Ivy hedera helix in summer
Ivy hedera helix in winter