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Ivy "Goldchild"

This ivy is of unknown origin, discovered somewhere in Europe around 1970, and first described by Thomas Rochford of Great Britain. Later it was commercially introduced by Frode Maegaard (Denmark) and is today one of the most sought-after varieties. It is easily identifiable by its luminous yellow leaf edges, particularly distinct in cooler weather and with ample light, later fading to cream-white. Growth is weak to medium and the plant remains compact; has a very ornamental leaf shape. There are at least two varieties, but only one is (moderately) frost hardy in climate zone 7b and suitable for external use, especially in smaller spaces. This variety is available in FassadenGrün's range. Most 'Goldchild' or 'Gold-Child' ivies were probably developed for interior greenings and are not frost resistant. Please also refer to the ivy general information for tips!

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(lat. Hedera helix "Goldchild", probably a mutation of Hedera helix "Harald")

Ivy "Goldchild, frost resistant"
Ivy "Goldchild, frost resistant"
Yellow variegated ivy "Goldchild" at the base of wall
Hedera helix "Goldchild"
Colourful ivy on a fence
Ivy on gabions