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Ivy "Glacier"

Discovered in the USA around 1943 and introduced to Europe around 1950, this ivy is grey-green with silvery-grey variegation, an elegant classic, with rather small to medium-sized leaves. It has been propagated by the millions as an indoor ivy, but thanks to its moderate to good winter hardiness, it is also suitable for pots and outdoor hanging baskets, and even for some façade greening. It is therefore available in FassadenGrün's range. Its weak growth means, however, that it will only cover small areas. Many choose to plant this ivy with other plants or other ivy varieties, whereby 'Glacier' can form an elegant backdrop and let the other plants shine. Please also refer to the ivy general information.

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(lat. Hedera helix "Glacier")

Ivy "Glacier"
Ivy "Glacier"
Ivy Glacier with Virginia creeper Engelmannii
Hedera helix "Glacier"