Ornamental Kiwi

The ornamental kiwi vine, also known as 'variegated-leaf kiwi vine' or 'kolomikta vine,' has exceptionally beautiful leaves, is very healthy, and is easy to care for. It is an excellent choice for all locations where more demanding plants would not thrive, or when only little time is available for gardening. Some Actinidia bring edible fruit similar to the edible mini kiwi.

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Actinidia Kolomikta: ornamental kiwi vne, variegated leaf kiwi vine

White-pink leaf colouring of a decorative kiwi
White-pink leaf colouring of a decorative kiwi

To Thrive...

Plant in sun or in shade, protected from the wind if possible. Leaf colour will become most vibrant with more sun exposure (direct sun). Soil should be moist, slightly acid, und humus-rich. Water the plant when the soil is dry, but standing (stagnant) water should be avoided- especially with calcareous soils. Distance between plants: 1.5 to 3 metres.

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Characteristics and Pruning

This vine, with exceptional filigree leaves, grows by twining its shoots around a support, and in most cases will need some help binding its shoots (by hand) in order to grow high. It generally grows up to 2-3 metres, but sometimes as high as 5 metres. It is frost hardy, but the new shoots are susceptible to damage by late frosts. The leaves of the male plants have variegated pink tips from summer onwards. Leaves are healthy and last from April/May - October / November. The vine flowers in June / July with small white flowers. Bluish black fruits appear only on female plants ~ for example, with the Russian variety "Klara Zetkin." Actinidia Polygama is similar in appearance but the fruit is bitter.

Climbing Aids for the Facade

The ornamental kiwi does well on small trellises: the table at the bottom of the page indicates all compatible wire rope arrangements. Choose a trellis in our medium, basicor basic-s ranges.


Suitable wire rope trellises?

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Wire Rope Trellises for Ornamental Kiwi

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  = suitable            = of limited suitability            = unsuitable