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Wire Rope System 0040

Special system for tensioning a cable between the facades of two buildings ("free-hanging ropes"), particularly for vine garlands. Please also see our section on green roofs / canopies.

Court greening in Tallinn ("Reval") / Estonia with wild wine, around 1900
Court greening in Tallinn ("Reval") / Estonia with wild wine, around 1900

Order as a kit: Parts list, information and assembly tips

Easy Kit
34.80 €


The prefabricated kit is suitable for all wall types with the exception of insulation, boarding, cladding and thin-walled concrete elements. Alternatives can be put together in the wall types section.This system cannot be mounted using cross-clamping anchor screws, therefore it is only available in two sizes.


Dimensions: One cable per kit, up to a max. length of 5.5 m. Garlands should always be led from building to building due to tensile forces (high strain capacities) at the attachment points. Anchoring on free-standing wall is only possible, if it all, towards the middle or bottom of the wall, but never in the upper part of the wall coping. Because of the high force exerted in the axial direction on the threaded rod, the anchor fixings should always be bonded with composite mortar; anchorage with plastic rawl plugs (expansion anchor) is insufficient. To avoid exerting too much tension on the anchors/mounts, cables should not be stretched to the maximum; rather a slight 'sag' should remain when stretched. At larger span widths, higher loads and in open wind situations, if necessary, additional bevel bracing should be put in the center of cable and set into the house wall leading upward.


Installation: see diagrams below. Please also observe the instructions given above (under installation and info). Because of the great stress on the anchor fittings in the axial direction, an anchor with composite mortar bonding is far superior to expansion plugs, and usually required. The holes for bonding the eyebolts with the mortar should be slightly conical, i.e. slightly widened in the back of the wall: mill a cone with the drill by applying corresponding lateral pressure of the drilling machine.

Vine garland with eyelet, tension adjuster (turnbuckle SP 05190), and two wire rope grips
Grapevine garland over a driveway

Installation instructions