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Wire Rope System 0010

Special form for curtain greening, suspended roof greening... (for example, with insulation), mounting in eye screws in roof rafters, balcony beams, etc.., and below in ground anchors. If no ground anchors can be used, please use one of the solutions described in system 0020 at ground level. One drawback: The plants can reach the roof area due to the climbing aid which runs to the top; regular cutting and trimming are then necessary. It is recommended for design reasons that the ropes run parallel to the wall of the house and not at an angle. Guiding creepers onto walls and into trees at an angle/diaganol is, however, also possible. We do not offer this system as a kit; you must plan it yourself, estimate the strains/loads, and then put the parts together one by one.

Height: An individual cable to approx. 2 floors. An individual cable is recommended for every vertical line. Cable guiding is also possible at low heights and long wall distance, but then, the wires get limper due to the larger length.


Parts list: Required for a strand are: 


Installation: should be carried out as pointed out on the graphics. The tensioner can be attached above directly in the eyelet and then is tamper-proof. Below it can be mounted and readjusted if necessary at any time with an additional O-ring in the Earth anchor. Please note the product sheets for the earth anchors and the eye screws (please use links above) - this is to be mounted with stepped bore.

Special form: diagonal/slanted training of wisteria by means of earth anchors.
Diagonal training of a Wisteria plant
Installation of ground anchors.
Installation of ground anchors
Thicket Creeper before the cut, eyelets screwed into purlin, rope tension with deflection.
Wire rope tensioning
Fastening of a wire rope to the roof in the rafter under the framework, here with eyebolt WH 10150;
for better reinforcement, here with horizontal ridge bars.
Attachment to roof
Tomatoes and shoots, wire ropes led parallel to the insulated wall.
Tomatoes and grapes on an insulated wall
Green privacy protection, but the wisteria must be led parallel at the rope and mustn't twine around the rope (line) permanently.
Green privacy screen with wisteria