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Campsis "Flamenco"

Named after the passionate Spanish dance form, "Flamenco" was found in 1980 in Germany as an 'accidental' seedling, and then added to the Huismann / Holland assortment of Campsis hybrids, replacing 'Campsis radicans.' A self-climber with adhesive roots, it can initially grow without any support, up to 12 m high. Nevertheless, a support system is highly recommended. It flowers very similar to the wild form, i.e. red to dark red with an orange-red (instead of orange-yellow) throat and long trumpet; it flowers earlier, more profusely and more reliably than the wild form; the flowers are densely arranged with 10 - 15 flowers per bunch. Excellent frost-hardiness. Refer to the trumpet vine general information for guidance on location, pruning, suitable cable systems, etc..

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Campsis radicans 'Flamenco'; also known as Flamenco Trumpetcreeper

Campsis on a wall
Greening a wall with campsis Flamenco
Flowering Campsis on a wall
Campsis on a 2-storey-building