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Chinese Trumpet Vine (C. Grandiflora)

A collector's plant and possibly the most beautiful trumpet vine of all! A shrubby rambler, it is the only trumpet vine with hardly any adhesive roots, which makes a support system essential. It grows bushy, at times also slightly twining, up to 8 m high on a trellis. Originating from China, it was introduced to Europe around 1800 and became a hybrid partner of  "Madame Galen" as well as '"ndian Summer." Campsis grandiflora is impressive with its very large and loosely arranged flowers. It is also suitable as a potted plant. In the uplands where strong frosts occur, other Campsis hybrids are recommended. Refer to the trumpet vine general information for guidance on location, pruning, suitable cable systems, etc..

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Also called Chinese Climbing Trumpet, Lat. Campsis grandiflora

Chinese Trumpet Vine
Chinese Trumpet Vine
Orange-colored "Campsis grandiflora," see picture on the right
Chinese trumpet vine with flowers in Leipzig / Saxony
Campsis grandiflora on Hotel Wiestor in Überlingen / Lake Constanz, Baden-Wuerttemberg
Trumpet vine "Grandiflora" on a house entrance  in Leipzig / Saxony