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Campsis "Stromboli"

A new (2006) French hybrid from the Minier Nursery, named after the volcano “Stromboli” (which also appears in Jules Verne's sci-fi novel). A self-climber with adhesive aerial roots; suitable for medium-sized to large areas. Intense dark-red compact flowers with particularly short throats; densely arranged with 15 - 20 flowers per bunch. Reaches similar heights as "Flamenco" (about 12 m). As a self-clinger, it can climb without support, but we strongly recommend providing the plant with a trellis. Frost-hardiness good to very good. Refer to the trumpet vine general information for guidance on location, pruning, suitable cable systems, etc..

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Campsis radicans 'Stromboli'

Campsis radicans 'Stromboli'
Campsis radicans 'Stromboli'
Trumpet vine "Stromboli"
Campsis "Stromboli" on a pergola
Greening a garage with Campsis "Stromboli"
Campsis "Strombonli" on a wall