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Campsis "Indian Summer"®

This is a Dutch cultivar from 1988 by Henk Kujif and Sons. Has showy flowers densely arranged, about 15 - 25 flowers per tuft, which open progressively. Like "Grandiflora," the flowers are somewhat spaced apart and not as close together as with the Campsis radicans varieties. It may develop seedpods. "Indian Summer" is a self-climber and develops adhesive roots, but it is best to provide it with a support system, which allows it to grow like "Madame Galen" up to about 10 m high. Good frost resistance. Refer to the trumpet vine general information for guidance on location, pruning, suitable cable systems, etc..

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Campsis tagliabuana "Indian Summer"®, Kujif / Holland, protected cultivar, reproduction / propagation prohibited.

Campsis 'Indian Summer'®
Campsis "Indian Summer"®
Facade greening with Campsis "Indian Summer" along a walkway, Naumburg / Saxony-Anhalt
Orange flowers of Campsis Indian Summer
Bright red flowers of trumpet vine "Indian Summer"
Greening a house with trumpet creeper vine