Combination fixing for insulated façades

This page belongs to the section 'external insulation' and displays a solution for thick external insulation panels. This solution may also be used in cases where an increased wall distance is required with a sufficient strength capacity. This solution combines the variants 'support body' and 'supporting cone', therefore 'combined solution'. It is retrofitted into the already present insulation panel.

Max. weight and price

This mounting method allows for a maximal weight similar to that of the heavy fixings range with a relatively high max. weight on up to 7 cm wall distance. The insulation may be up to 22 cm thick. Installation is labour intensive and costly.

Suitable fixings

ETICS façade anchor WM 12XX9

Assembly and Maintenance

The installation of the fixings is carried out after the insulation panels are sealed and can easily be carried out by any handyman. Detailed mounting instructions are available. The plants need to be pruned so as not to form dense branch clusters and so that no stubs can scratch the façade. Strong twiners require special care as described on the page of the wisteria.