Fixation cylinders installed after the plaster was applied

This page is part of the section on external insulation. This installation for external insulation panels with a thickness of 10 - 24 (30) cm is mounted on a sealed and finished external insulation. Segments of the panels are cut out and the fixings and replaced with hard foam blocs.

Maximal weight and price

The maximal carried weight is similar to that of the heavy fixing range even on a fragile ETICS façade. Strong twiners such as a wisteria or a celastrus can be used under certain circumstances only. See below. Wall distance will be around 6 - 7 cm, with XP 12XX9 up to 10 cm . Thermal separation is also available

Suitable fixings

The fixings XP 12XX7 as well as the XP 12XX9 with thermal separation and better wall distance are available - both can be used for wood or metal grids and trellises.

Installation and plant care

Professionals as well as experiences handymen can install the fixing cyliders. Read our instructions on how to install these fixings.

The climbing plants must be pruned regularly to reduce the weight of dead wood in the plant. The branches must be cut so they can't scratch or pierce the external plaster of the insulation. Strong twinters such as the wisteria require special care.