Small supporting bloc for externally insulated façades

This page belongs to the 'insulation' section and is a standard solution for attaching greening systems. Insulation materials usually have low pressure resistance, and simple metal shafts can't be used to intall a trellis on such a façade. Instead a supporting bloc distributes the weight and absorbs flexural and compressive forces. This solution can be used for insulation panels up to 12 - 14 cm in thickness. The support body can be made of metal pipe, foam-plastic tube or solid plastic. FassadenGrün uses a treated, non-rotting hardwood. A steel plate covers the outer side and seals the drilled holes off.

Max weight and price

Fixing with a small supporting bloc allows for a maximal weight similar to that of the heavy fixings range, but only for insulation panels that are up to 8 cm in thickness. With 12 or 14 cm panels, the fixings the max weight is reduced. Strong twiners like wisteria or celastrus should only used in certain circumstances - see below. Another restriction for wall distance with 4 mm cables: only 6 to 7 cm. With 3 mm cables the wall distance can reach up to 8 cm but the max weight is lower.

Suitable fixings

Use the WM 12XX8 fixing for wire rope trellises. For a greater wall distance of 9 cm, use 3 mm cable with springs between all holders. Use the AS 12XX8 fixings for rigid wood trellises.

Assembly and maintenance

The installation of the fixings is carried out after the insulation panels are sealed and can easily be carried out by any handyman. Detailed mounting instructions are available. The plants need to be pruned so as not to form dense branch clusters and so that no stubs can scratch the façade. Strong twiners require special care as described on the page of the wisteria.