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Mounting into Rigid Insulation

This page belongs to the 'insulation' and is a fixing solution for insulations where a hard-foam support body is already in place. The provided fixing works with insulation panels that are up to 22 cm thick.

Max carrying weight and price

The carrying capacity under severe bending - buckling strain is slightly lesser than with a support block. With very hard pressure-resistant rigid foam elements and an additional aluminum pressure plate it may be a little higher. For insulation panels with a thicknesses above 12 cm the weight capacity is only low to medium. Do not use with strong twining plants. The price is usually significantly higher than the solution 'supporting body' because the installation of the foam segments must be done by the construction company as an additional service.

Suitable fixings

For wood trellises use the threaded anchor AS 12XX6 and for cable systems the  cable holder WM 12XX6. Although it can accommodate 4 mm rope, use only 3 mm rope. For insulation panels over 20 cm,  use 2 mm rope.

Assembly and Maintenance

The special cross holder can be mounted by DIY enthusiasts, the expanded polystyrene segments (fixation cylinder) rather not, look under "assembly instructions". For the care of the climbing plants, the instructions in the page support body are also valid here.